Welcome to Residential Systems Design.

We specialize in smart home automation programming for Crestron and AMX.

Whether you are an AV Dealer, Estate Manager or End User, we are here to help!

Beyond Professional

At the heart of every team member is a genuine love for home automation. With backgrounds in home systems design, installation, project management and even A/V dealership, the RSD team is well diversified in the field of Smart Home Technology.

The Vision

It is our passion to be trend setters. We work hard to provide new solutions that make your life easier.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Our goal is to make sure that anyone can walk up to a panel and be able to use the system while being moved by the panel design itself.

The Difference

Anyone can have a home automation system, but what sets the system apart is the panel design and programming.

Our smart home automation provides you control over lighting, HVAC, security systems, audio and video and much more.


We are proficient in more than the typical automation languages, such as AMX Netlinx. Our strong expertise lies in more complicated languages like C++, Perl, JAVA, etc. We also provide AMX programming and development of device control modules.

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Crestron Programming

We are Crestron Authorized Independent Programmers (CAIP). We have a much higher level of proficiency and familiarity with Crestron than other programmers in the business. We are also experts in Crestron SIMPL+ as well as other programming languages.

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Protocol Development

Our programmers have the ability to extend into the expansive alternatives of software development. We delve into communication protocol in which a hardware device communicates with other electronic devices, such as a PC, modem, control system, etc.

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We believe that informed decisions translate to better sales. This is why we provide support to our dealers as they specify proper devices to their clients. We offer the ability to hire our experienced staff to do sales calls, system specs and implementation on your behalf.

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User Interface Design

Every user interface (UI) that we put together goes through a rigorous process to ensure its quality both in the look and feel, as well as usability. Our goal is to make sure that anyone will be able to use the system while being moved by the panel design itself.

Here are some advantages of having a good UI design:

  • Save money. Avoid costly problem corrections that are likely to occur after development by looking at how the system works early on.
  • Usability-aware interface. Incur less errors and enjoy the seamless experience of design that works.
  • More productivity. Do more with your time by filling it with actual work instead of hours trying to figure out how to use the system.

Beautiful, Intuitive and Personal

We also have custom designs available for those who want to maximize the impact of their home automation system. By incorporating blueprints, interior design elements and details unique to the home, the home automation experience is brought to a new level. Furthermore, a custom design provides more flexibility and impact to the user.

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Custom Touch Panel Design

Our in-house graphic design team creates a variety of panels that our dealers can benefit from and upsell to customers.

Sample design by RSD

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